11 Iconic “Last Great American Dynasty” Memes

There are few things I love more than a comeback, and Taylor Swift’s Folklore might be the greatest one of all time.

Here are 11 more “Last Great American Dynasty” memes for fans on the prowl for that content that matches the sheer power of Taylor Alison Swift.

Thank you, internet, for always providing the most iconic Swiftie memes.

1. Ah, a taste of cinema

Huge props to Ms. Greta Gerwig for adapting this masterpiece. I never knew that I wanted Bob Odenkirk to play a wholesome 19th-century dad, but I did.

2. Absolute queens

Let’s all take a moment to remember what made our problematic icons so great.

3. What are queens to legends?

Be honest, they might not be desperate housewives, but they’re your favorite housewives.

4. Whoa

Can you believe every person in this photo has been engaged or married?

5. Hello 2000’s

Free Britney, watch This is Paris, and somebody find out where the f*ck Lindsay Lohan is.

6. That’s a throwback

Can you believe Disney made its stars literally compete in the mini-Olympics?

7. The zeitgeist of our time

Here’s the Goth Family – for you super fans of The Sims out there.

8. There goes the loudest woman this town has ever seen…

Lorelai had a marvelous time ruining everything…

9. This photo has me feeling every emotion

Major shoutout to Reese Witherspoon for rocking those pants.

10. Where is Michael Scott?

This is revisionist history.

11. Major yikes

Blockbuster going bankrupt was a huge loss for every kid in America.

I truly feel like I fully relived the early 2000’s just now. Memes have a crazy way of totally triggering super specific moments of your life back into your consciousness – much like Taylor Swift’s entire discography.

What are some of your favorite Folklore-inspired memes? Let us know in the comments below!