When the internet really gets going on life hacks, some cool stuff can come out of it. Personally, I’ve learned some amazing hacks, like how to get spaghetti sauce stains out of tupperware (for one), and others have been less thrilling but occasionally useful.

If you’re looking for life hacks that are totally intriguing and potentially useful, though, you’re going to have to look elsewhere – these 11 tips are anything but pro, so proceed at your own risk!

11. Then you can pee thirty minutes later.

Sleep is for the weak. That’s a healthy mantra, right?

Image Credit: The Chive

10. That might have some negative consequences.

So you know. Try it at your own risk.

Image Credit: The Chive

9. Add insult to injury.

Because you might as well go all in.

Image Credit: The Chive

8. Who needs family anyway?

The money is all that matters.

Image Credit: The Chive

7. A total psycho, maybe.

But definitely not a murderer.

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6. Just so she knows what she’s getting into.

It’s only polite.

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5. You can’t trick yourself.

At least, not for very long.

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4. All the sights and none of the work.

I actually like this one. 10/10 would try.

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3. Those kids have to come in handy for something.

Might as well make sure they look ridiculous and not you.

Image Credit: The Chive

2. That is not a lie.

It also might be the only thing it’s healthier than.

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1. This might not work out.

But you will be happy, so there’s that.

Image Credit: The Chive

People are creative if nothing else. You’ve gotta give them that.

What are the worst life hacks you’ve seen online? We’re dying to hear more in the comments!