11 Medical Assistants Share Insights About Their Jobs

There are so many different jobs that exist in this world that, even though we interact with them fairly regularly, we aren’t totally sure what role they play in our care – and medical assistants might be one of those professions for you.

They’re not doctors, they’re not nurses, yet they’re still essential to our happiness and our outcomes when we’re not feeling our best.

If you’re curious what their role actually entails, these 11 are giving us lessons below.

11. Job searching will crush your soul.

That’s the way it works for all of us, I suppose.

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10. I suppose as long as it works.

And no one does a pop urine test.

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9. It’s so great when you’ve found your calling.

The feeling is one you’d like to hold onto forever.

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8. Maybe they didn’t know that was frowned upon…

Why not just pick a room, though?

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7. Every office has a hierarchy.

But I truly believe every person is important.

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6. All jobs have their hazards.

At least this one is interesting.

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5. A job hazard for so many.

Hopefully a better one will come along eventually.

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4. Why is it for nothing?

Unless she can’t find a job.

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3. Someone likes thrills.

Not so many in a doctor’s office.

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2. Everyone could use a raise.

Especially people who help take care of our health.

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1. This is a winding tale.

I need to know the conclusion, honestly.

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I love learning new things, don’t you?

If you’re a medical assistant or know one well, tell us what other details we’re missing in the comments!