11 Memes About Crushes That Absolutely Crushed It

Via: @girlwithnojob on Instagram

You know this feeling. You’ve admired someone from afar for a long time, and when they’re finally in your presence, you turn to jelly and don’t know how to behave.

I remember my first crush. Her name was Beth. I used to watch her from the other side of the playground. One day I timed it perfectly and cut in front of her in line to shoot baskets.

I’m happy to report we’re still together*. (*That’s a lie, she wasn’t impressed).

These memes will make all those great/painful memories come flooding back.

1. Oh…. did I drop that???

2. And I am a potato. That potato is me. Me is potato.

Photo Credit: Instagram,memezar

3. I just have to look fly AF.

4. Oh hai there!

Photo Credit: Instagram,mormon.dude

5. Hey, mind yo bizness!

Photo Credit: Instagram,basicbitch

6. Yeah, totally casual. Per the usual.

Photo Credit: Instagram,davie_dave

7. I can grant ALL your wishes, my lovely…

8. It’s definitely a thing.

Photo Credit: Facebook,Funny Texts

9. I can do this with my hands. Is that cool too?

Photo Credit: Instagram,aranjevi

10. You gotta do it soon, gurl!!!

Photo Credit: Instagram,snoop

11. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there!

Yeah kids, those are the memes that lift us all up and make us laugh our butts off!

So we’re winning the game when it comes to laughs. Now if we could all just figure out how to make our crushes pay attention. Hrmmm…

Which one of these made you really laugh out loud?

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