11 Posts That Prove That English is Broken

Source: @iowahawkblog on Twitter

If you grew up speaking English, consider yourself lucky.

For people learning English later in life, it’s a really tricky language to master for a whole host of reasons – weird spellings, funky pronunciations, grammar rules … the list goes on.

English is unnecessarily complicated. These 11 memes really spell it out (pun intended).

1. How can this be?

It’s just so frustrating when you really stop and think about it.

English, what are you doing? from tumblr

2. Pretty sure they didn’t teach us this in English class, right?

Yeah, no.

English does the thing from tumblr

3. And don’t even get us started on contractions.

Like seriously what is this?

"English is Weird" from tumblr

4. Plus, nearly all the rules go out the window when you start writing.

Make that shit more formal, please.

English from tumblr

5. And about those exceptions.

You couldn’t keep this straight if you carried around a little rulebook with you all day!

6. And why are there so many different spellings of words that sound the same?

Seriously, English, what are you doing?

Rules to Learning English from tumblr

7. Try saying this five times fast.

Bet you can’t do it.

8. So many unwritten rules.

I wasn’t even aware I knew this.

9. No wonder so many relationships struggle with communication.

Especially if you’re communicating via text message!


10. Holy mackerel this poem.

How many did you get right?


11. Now that’s just weird.

Should we try replacing it with “that squared?”


Well, that was fun. And now I need to go take some ibuprofen. All these English language rules and contradictions are enough to make anyone’s head spin.

What’s your biggest grammatical pet peeve or spelling mistake? Or do you think the “grammar police” all over the internet are ridiculous?

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