This Fierce Black Cat Likes to Walk Around the House Like a Model

Photo Credit: Pexels

If you’ve ever owned a cat, then you know they act like divas on the regular. But one four-legged friend really takes the whole confidence thing to the next level, parading around the house like a model on the catwalk (sorry, we had to!).

Maybe it’s the bumping music, but we really do think she looks like a “purrfessional meowdel,” as the name of the video suggests.

You can see all of Rover the cat’s glamorous outfits below, including some awesome batwings:

You can see from Rover’s Instagram page that this cat just looks generally fabulous all the time. I mean, come on, seriously, Rover? You’re making the rest of us look bad.


He’s even been known to wear a wig from time to time:


But by far his favorite outfit is this collar made of little tiny mice, for obvious reasons:


The queen and ruler of all!


Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Rover IS staying at home.


Try not to let Rover’s flawless sense of style and self-assured personality make you feel bad about yourself. Not everyone can pull off looks like these – with his shimmery black fur and light-colored eyes, Rover pretty much looks good in everything he wears!

What’s the weirdest, funniest, best costume you’ve ever made your cat or dog wear? And how did they react?

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