20 People Share What They Like Most About Their Lives


It can be really hard to stay positive during the hard times in our lives. There are so many pressures that it can be hard to remember all the great things about our existence.

I have a friend who makes a “Daily Gratitude List” each morning and the says it really helps him put everything into perspective, especially on those difficult days.

What do you like about your life?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say.

1. A good career.

“My career really is going wonderfully. The company I work for has already signaled that they will not fire anyone because of the current situation and my team has plenty of work to do.

Meanwhile some of my friends have been fired or are unemployed so it really makes me grateful.”

2. That is very pleasant.

“The woman I bought my house from was an AMAZING gardener and created this lovely cottage garden full of winding pathways and benches and flowers.

She’s so ace – she still always responds when I WhatsApp her to check what something is or ask for advice even though I’ve lived here for years. It’s a nice little side-pocket of my life that’s remained pleasant.”

3. Way to go!

“Quit smoking 6 months ago and haven’t drank in 20 days.

Realizing both do absolutely nothing for you. Also having a stable job and paid off house. My wife is ok too.”

4. A stable job.

“I’ve never been happier to work for the government than I am right now.

My job is in no immediate danger.”

5. No stress.

“I’m not rich, but I am wealthy enough to not really “care” about much. I have everything I need, and I don’t have any “wants” at this time.

So I live what many would consider to be “care-free.” I don’t have to stress over anything, which is nice.”

6. Brothers for life.

“My older brother who is honestly probably my best friend. He’s stood up for me through the years, helped me get back on my feet even when I don’t always do my best. And whenever I get into a new hobby or interest he’s the type of person that will sit and listen for hours.

He’ll even participate in crazy experiments with me, like one month we drove to different stores to buy any off brand pencils we could find. We’d then come home and try the pencils out for a few days to figure out which brand was the best writing pencil. Another time we spent a month eating different types of apples and compared the tastes.

I get into a lot of odd and bizarre projects. Right now I’m into watercolor painting, which is pretty awesome, and he’s still happy to hear me talk about painting techniques. We’ve even talked about trying to make our own paper and the whole process that goes into doing so. He’s seriously the best!”

7. A great support system.

“I’m a young, divorced, mother of two who still went to college and is pursuing the career I’ve wanted since the 8th grade. I like that I didn’t just give up and let myself become a statistic.

I also really like my best friend and my boy friend. I have a fantastic support system in these people.”

8. A great mom.

“A lot, but most specifically my mom is the best. She has given up a lot of herself and denied herself from having many things for the sake of my sister and myself, and often just so that little baby me could have what I WANTED, not only what I needed, but a lot of what I WANTED.

Not only did she, and still does, often sacrifice being able to get things for herself that she would like to have so she could instead give something to me or my sister, but has never failed to be there for us however she’s needed regardless of what she is going through. She has always made us feel loved.

Although she will never believe me no matter how many times I tell her, she is the best. What I like about my life is that my mom is MY MOM, if fact, I love this about my life.”

9. A place to call home.

“Despite feeling lonely, I like that I have my own home to live in every day. I’m just glad I bought last year instead of a month ago, because my savings were pretty sparse back then and this whole situatio is making it feel like I might lose my job.”

10. Keep it up!

“I’m 6 weeks sober as of today after 18 years of alcohol abuse. Everything in life has gotten better.

Work, wife, hobbies, depression. It’s a joy just to be alive. Even this crisis hasn’t gotten me down.”

11. Total happiness.

“I have a 15 month old son who I put to sleep every night. I sit with him in his room right before I put him in his crib. I make up songs and sing to him as he lays on my chest. He looks at me and smiles ear to ear. Now he’s starting to mimic some sounds and notes that I sing.

It is the purest form of happiness I’ve ever experienced. And it’s available every single night.”

12. A teacher’s life.

“I teach high school and my students love me almost as much as i love them. 14 years into my career, i’m now at a point where my earliest students are just hitting their stride as adults, and i get to watch them prosper and know that i played a small (sometimes not so small) role in their success, because many specifically told me.

There’s a lot of bullshit that comes with the profession, but there’s also a lot of bullshit “teachers” out there who may know their subject well, but don’t know shit about connecting with the students in their charge.”

13. All the good stuff.

“Not gonna lie. My life is turning out pretty great. Got a job I love, moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend.

I’m paying for her studies. I’m also planning on popping the question soon. Wish me luck!”

14. The good and the bad.

“Coming from a horrendous childhood of abusive, neglectful parents I can safely say I love the people I have my life. I have a wonderful partner, beautiful children, I married into a stable and loving family and I have a circle of close friends who I love dearly.

I appreciate what I have because I know what it’s like to have nothing.”

15. Peaks and valleys.

“Its rollercoaster nature. My life hasn’t been the best, but it has been the most varied.

I’ve been the biggest loser in the family and the biggest winner.

I’ve been out cycling 20 hours a week unemployed at times and I’ve worked in hedge funds. Five years before I pulled in 200k (GBP) in 12 months I was manning a till in a charity shop.

I’ve been the poorest and the richest. I’ve lived in three times more places then the next runner up in the family.

And I’m casting the die again…”

16. Keep moving forward.

“That it’s okay-ish. Thats about it. My parents had mental-health problems, I have them too… I can get myself up and doing every so often, and most of the times I don’t see life worth living.

But It’s okay-ish, and that’s what keeps me going. It made me realize, that I don’t need that much, I don’t need to achieve everything society deems to be mandatory to achieve.

I can live happily with less, I don’t need to make ton of money, I don’t need to work 9-5, I can do part-time jobs, I can be happy without filling some fucked-up quota someone else has made. Happiness is achievable by your own stantards too, not only with someone elses.

That is why I keep going.”

17. Livin’ the life.

“My daughter. My wife. My son who’s coming in June.

The fact we live in one of the greateat countries in the world (Canada). I have a steady job. I don’t hate it. I don’t suffer from anxiety or depression like most people it seems.”

18. Time to kick back and relax.

“I’m glad I made it to retirement. I spent forty years doing something I didn’t love (accounting/finance) so that I could spend my “golden years” writing music.

The best part is: music technology is so advanced now, I can realize essentially anything I musically imagine!”

19. May you have many more!

“Feels great.

In July 2016 I was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer. My oncologist gave me two or three years to live. Having an expiration date makes you appreciate every single day.”

20. It’s as simple as that.

“Having a bed, food and the most loving family.”

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