11 Men Admit The Petty Ways They Rile Up Their Girlfriends

If you are in or ever have been in a long-term relationship, you know that sometimes you just want to fight. You’re in the mood to argue, and for better or worse, your significant other is the one who’s there.

Also, you know how to push their buttons and vice versa, so you don’t even have to try too hard!

These 11 men admit to the petty reasons they use for picking fights with their ladies.

11. She might just let you go if you asked.

And if not, you might want to have a chat about that.

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10. Sometimes you just want to spice it up.

There are all kinds of ways to accomplish that, of course.

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9. You naughty boy.

This one made me smile.

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8. Seems like that could be an issue.

A little communication goes a long way.

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7. Sounds like a therapist is in order.

If you want to get better, I mean.

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6. She probably likes it, too.

Whatever blows your skirt up, right?

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5. There’s more to this story.

I’d love to delve deeper.

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4. This seems to be a theme.

Sometimes humans are so predictable.

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3. If they’re silly arguments, ok.

But I hope he’s not doing this regularly.

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2. Silence is golden.

Even if you have to shout for it.

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1. You’ve gotta communicate.

However you make it happen, I suppose.

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Y’all, people are a trip.

What’s the pettiest reason you’ve started a fight with your significant other? Confess all in the comments!