11 More History Memes That’ll Make You Feel Like a Scholar

We’re well into the work week folks, so you know what that means – it’s time for more memes. Feel like a true ivory tower scholar by scrolling through these 11 history memes. This gallery here could cause even the stuffiest academics to crack a smile.

1. An absolutely wild ego

Imagine ignoring centuries-worth of advice and experience. What kind of absurd confidence do you need to have to walk through the world like that.

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2. Casual vibing

Sometimes you just end up crashing Cyprus’s party.

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3. What a shame

Alan Turing basically gave us the bedrock of computer science with the Turing Machine, and what did we give him in return? Definitely not what he deserved – that’s for sure.

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4. This one

Let’s not ignore the elephant – er, ostrich in the room

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5. Relatable

It makes sense, I promise. Anime simply would not exist if WWI hadn’t happened.

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6. Well

I guess being neutral has its perks.

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7. That’s real

Somehow we never quite reached that same level of civilization that the super-nomadic Mongols had.

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8. This happens too much…

Like, what a way to completely ignore the plethora of achievements a culture’s made. I get that human sacrifice is pretty hard to ignore, but come on. Europeans literally wore dentures made of baby teeth.

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9. Oof, that stings

Poor Alexander. Maybe this is why he was such an overachiever.

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10. It’s all a matter of perspective

Nobody stands a chance when you’re the Mongols.

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11. That’s real

How did the internet find this photo of me? Rude of it to leak.

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All these memes make me feel like I’m back in IB History again.

Honestly, I don’t hate it. It’s like looking at a car crash that happened a really long time ago – the effects of which we’re still experiencing to this day! Maybe if we scroll enough, we can get honorary PhDs.

Do you know any history memes that make you feel like a smarty-pants? Share with them in the comments below!