11 Cringeworthy Fails And Mistakes By Celebrities On Social Media

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Just because you’re famous, it doesn’t mean you’re immune to the crap that people dish out on the internet. In fact, since you have more followers for being so hot and special, you’ve got more people ready to pile on when you slip up.

And if these 11 celebs thought we were going let it go, well…they don’t know that much about the internet.

11. I’m sure he was hacked, right?

That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

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10. Yeah, those retweets didn’t actually happen, sooo….

Awkward sauce plus some extra on the side.

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9. What’s even more awkward is that no one called.

You know I’m right.

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8. At least he apologized.

Good form, Adam. Good form.

7. I’m dying to know the rest!

Don’t leave us hanging, O…

6. Ooh man this made me cringe.

I bet she got over it really quickly, though.

5. Is it a puzzle? A mistake?

Can something be both? Is it an inside joke?!

4. Never do this, y’all.

It’s not better to be safe than ridiculed for falling for this nonsense.

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3. Well, that’s just everyone’s nightmare, right?

I know that it’s mine, and now I’ll be even more paranoid. (Psst…look in the reflection).

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2. They got Julia Roberts, too!

She probably just blamed Mom Brain.

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1. Nope, not it.

I’m sure that the government with their satellites have already seen that.

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None of these were really harmful, just more reminders that (in some ways), famous people really are just like us!

Except for the money and the free stuff and the vacations and stuff.