11 Of The Most Dubious Comments We’ve Ever Seen On Social Media

Listen, I realize that, given the state of social media these days, my title for this article is a bold claim. I mean…there are a lot of dumb comments floating around, and honestly, the word dumb feels generous a lot of the time.

You’ll have to scroll through these 11 posts to see what I mean, but I really, really don’t think we’re overselling it here.

11. You’re actually right in the middle.

Far from either end, I suppose.

10. Don’t call me a lmao!

Tell me you’re a Boomer without telling me you’re a Boomer.

9. No like actually on fire.

Not everyone watches the news, to be fair.

8. Is the ocean a border?

Asking for a friend.

7. Math is hard.

So is science, I guess.

6. There’s a lot to unpack here.

But I mean…people really think Jesus was American? Did they rad the Bible?

5. I have never cringed so hard in my life.

All of those poor souls trying to make it day to day.

4. The groceries just grow on the shelves I guess.

I wonder how they think the chicken parts get to the store.

3. Nope, still wrong.

Also I don’t think insulting someone for speaking four languages is really the flex they think it is.

2. They’re so close to getting it right.

And yet so far away.

1. Those are kind of lazy names but ok.

I am dying to know how they replied to these.

Y’all. Stop it. I cannot with this stuff!

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve seen someone say online? Tell us about it in the comments!