11 People And The Secrets They Would Never Confess Out Loud

You can never really know another person’s deepest, darkest secrets – not if they want to keep them hidden. We all keep secrets, of course, but some of them are wayyyyy more scandalous than others.

These 11 people are holding onto some doozies, of the sort that they would never want to tell anyone in real life – but sometimes it can take some of the pressure off to confess to strangers on the internet.

11. Definitely odd.

But I don’t think it’s going to make anyone run away.

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10. I hate to read this.

There’s someone out there for everyone.

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9. I hope they get to go to the dentist soon.

Everyone deserves to smile!

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8. You’ve identified the problem.

There’s help for that, if you want it.

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7. Ok I cannot with the second half of this sentence.

So happy I’m not eating.

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6. I don’t think this is that weird.

Thanks to My Strange Addiction we’ve all heard weirder.

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5. The dark is scary.

Maybe cut back on the horror novels, though.

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4. Why not, though?

It’s such a simple thing to do.

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3. This is borderline creepy.

I definitely wouldn’t like it had it happened to me.

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2. I have some questions.

None of them are judgmental, I’m just curious about these relationships.

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1. That’s some impressive flexibility.

If you’re looking for a bright side.

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Posts like this always make me realize that I’ve led a relatively sheltered life.

What about you? Are you holding onto an awful secret? If you want to confess in our comments, they’re open below!