9+ Lies That Went So Deep, There Was No Way Out

Ever been caught so deep in a lie that the only way out was to keep digging with more lies?

Have you ever had to keep the same lie going for years?

These 11 people on AskReddit have done both and whatever falls in-between:

#1. Hu-lie

“3rd grade me told the class I could hula dance.

The teachers thought it was fascinating and I kept the lie going for weeks.

About a month later, I found myself teaching all of 2nd-5th grade how to hula dance.

I did not know how to hula dance.”

#2. Still graduated

“It was my last quarter in college, and I failed physics again.

Everyone was coming down to see me graduate and have a party for me.

I’d been to lots of graduations in my almost 6 years in college, so I knew that they didn’t have a big list of names, you handed the announcer a slip of paper with your name on it and they read it into the microphone.

Then, you get an empty diploma holder, and you go get your diploma after the ceremony.

So, the morning of graduation, I went to the auditorium with my cap and gown and found a person who was telling graduates where to sit, etc. and said, ‘OMG! I left my slip of paper at home! omg, omg, what can I do?’ and she just asked me my name, wrote it down and handed me a new slip.

I walked across the stage to the cheers of my friends and family, had an awesome graduation party, and everyone went home.

I moved to another state and the following summer came back, took that class, and really graduated (didn’t go to that ceremony).

I told my parents I was thinking about graduate school and wanted to take some classes to see if that’s what I should do.

Almost 20 years later, and they still don’t know what happened.

I see no reason to tell them, ever.”

#3. Glasgow

“I once convinced an acquaintance that I was from Glasgow for a bet.

Now, every time I see her, I have to affect the accent, even around my friends/family, although they already know the situation.”

#4. K’not

“My sarcasm ended up disappointing my entire school when I was in the 12th grade.

There was an assembly that day, and it was around the time that Wavin’ Flag by K’naan was released and a pretty big song.

There was supposed to be an assembly surrounding it, so I was talking in one of my classes and as a joke said ‘K’naan is apparently making an appearance,’ which wasn’t exactly far-fetched, because my school is in Toronto, where he lived.

By the end of lunch, everyone was talking about how they were actually pumped for this assembly cause K’naan would be there. Kids were running all over the place telling their friends, and there were even some kids from another high school that found out and came over and tried to get into the assembly.

NO assembly in my 4 years there was ever this packed.

Every seat was taken, the walls were lined, and people all had their phones and cameras ready.

By the end of the assembly, Wavin’ Flag started to play, and everyone was erupting with excitement…only to have the student council take the stage, hold hands and sing it while swaying in a camp circle game formation.

Needless to say, everyone left confused and disappointed, wondering how this rumor started.

I refuse to take responsibility for it publicly, but it’s fucking hilarious every time it comes up.”

#5. “Even my parents went along with it”

“My best friend in elementary school had my same birthday, so he and I told everyone we were twins adopted to different families after our parents died in a car crash when we were babies.

I was about ten when we started this idiotic (and hurtful) rumor, and even my parents went along with it (probably out of apathy).

It was freshman year of high school when we finally told everyone it was a lie.

People were pissed, and it was probably in bad taste, but I’m sort of proud of the longevity.”

#6. No pork

“I hate pork, so much so when ordering things like ribs, I would ask the wait person if they were beef or pork ribs.

This usually resulted in a long delay as they went & checked, much to the dismay of the individuals I happen to be eating with.

I got tired of explaining it, so I would just say: ‘I’m Muslim.’

Nobody ever pressed the issue, and friends still refer to me as their ‘Muslim friend,’ and censor themselves in regard to racially or religiously indelicate humor.

I am a white Atheist.”

#7. Fake it, make it

“I graduated with an English degree and was trying to find a job out where my  husband planned on going to graduate school.

I promised him I wouldn’t follow after him unless I had a job.

I applied to anything and everything with no luck, and I was running out of time before he moved, so I thought, ‘Fuck it!’

I changed my résumé up and said I was a business major instead of an English major and got a job a couple weeks later, which enabled me to move with him.

I then combined my fake business degree with my job experience for an even better job several months later.

I did this a couple times more until applying for my current job. By that point, my experience mattered more than my degree, and nobody cared.”

#8. The pay phone

“First day of high school we had a tour of the building, and went thru the hallway near the gymnasium.

I noticed there was a pay phone on the wall, and I took down the number.

I listed the pay phone number as my home telephone number.

I would go to the nurse’s office, pretend to be sick, and they would call my Mom, who was in fact my best friend telling them to release me.

Then, she would pick me up in the car outside in the parking lot, and I was gone for the day!

It took someone 3 years to notice it was not my home number.”

#9. Sad karma?

“I told a girl I was dating that I was getting deployed because I was too big of a wuss to tell her that she was weird and possessive.

Two months later I actually did get deployed…”

#10. “Me, too!”

“Met cute girl at a party, who told me she was vegetarian.

I said, ‘Me, too!’

12 years later we’ve been married for years, and I still sneak forbidden animal snacks several times a week.”

#11. In too deep…

“A friend of mine has a running lie going with his hairdressers.

The first time he went in there, they thought he sounded American and asked if he was from there.

His brain must have massively trolled him at that point as he replied, ‘Yes.’

Now every time he gets his hair cut, he has to talk about how much he misses America and how different England is whilst pulling off a terrible accent.

It’s been like 4 years…

He’s in too deep.”