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11 People Muse on What Society Could Be Like With One Small Tweak

Okay, so maybe most of these tweaks aren’t exactly small, but some of them are doable!

These 11 memes are pictures of how much society could be advanced if we focused our efforts on one small thing – and I’ve gotta say, I think our lives would be much improved!

11. The same goes for movies and art and academics.

Oh look, I’ve run out of space.

10. There’s always one.

God love the literal people of the world.


9. Maybe not the world.

But I mean, our homes would be a lot more pleasant.

8. Or if people from Canada were called Cadanans.

Or if the country was called Canadia. I can’t stand it!

7. As my dog is snoring next to me, I feel this.

Pets really seem to have it made in the shade.

6. See also: If JK Rowling had never joined Twitter.

In some ways the days of not “knowing” your favorite artist were blissful.


5. Are we sure this is right?

It doesn’t seem right to me.


4. They say practice makes perfect.

Genetics might come into play though.


3. Well I have some good news for you, friend.

Or maybe it’s bad news, as the world doesn’t look like this.

2. Far and away the best one.

People are terrible when they engage in that crap.

1. That definitely seems like an opinion.

And maybe a minority opinion at that.

Let’s all get behind one of these and make it happen, yeah?

Which one would you choose? What would make the biggest impact? Let’s discuss in the comments!