11 People Share What Happened When They Reported Crimes to the Police

There’s a lot of talk out there these days about the role the police play in society, whether or not it should change, if some more training could do the trick, and everything in between.

Part of the conversation is whether or not the police are really willing or able to do anything for the average citizen who finds themselves the victim of a crime, and Twitter user @IllyBocean kept the conversation going on Twitter, asking what people’s personal experiences were.

He points out that, if the response of the police to middle class white people was lacking, things could be, you know, significantly worse in poor communities of color.

These 11 people’s replies honestly only served to bolster the argument against keeping the policing status quo, but you read them and you decide!

11. I suppose you have to cover all of your bases.

This still sucks, though.

10. That sounds…objectively terrible.

And no, they weren’t dealing drugs.

9. It’s almost like they think it’s not worth their time.

$800 would be worth my time, though.

8. I mean you can’t expect them to science, too.

But honestly, did you check the backseat of his car?

7. Not sure I would have even bothered calling the second time.

Maybe you just hope you get someone who’s interested?

6. What a horrifying thing to tell anyone, nevermind a child.

I honestly wish I could believe this wasn’t true.


5. That doesn’t sound like the whole story.

I bet she never got her phone back, either.

4. I mean obviously you need proof.

But maybe at least try to find some?

3. Regular people out there just doing their part.

It’s not so hard, is it?

2. Sorry I’m not really here to discuss beverages.

Maybe pick some up in your spare time you have not interviewing my neighbor.

1. At least Lowe’s was on their game.

But obviously they don’t have to follow the law and stuff.

I don’t know what the answer is, guys, but I hope some people who are smarter and more aware than I am come up with a good one!

Have you ever had to call the police for help? What happened? Let us know in the comments!