11 People Talk About Finding “The One” On A First Date

By the time most of us make it to adulthood we’ve dismissed the idea of “love at first sight.” We all agree that attraction can and does happen every single day, but love?

That’s a bit trickier.

These 11 people might argue otherwise, though, since they claim to have found “the one” on a very first date!

11. You’ve gotta be yourself.

How else are you gonna find the right one for you?

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10. This seems like a huge red flag.

It’s not just me, right?

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9. He made her believe.

You can’t argue with that!

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8. I don’t know how these things are related.

But I mean, as long as it worked out.

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7. Cold food?!

The horror!

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6. When you know you know.

And those reasons are different for everyone.

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5. Fate had other plans.

Funny how that works out.

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4. Just a gut feeling.

Sometimes those things turn out to be right.

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3. They had a lot of experience.

It was bound to come in handy eventually.

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2. He just knew.

I wonder if the family was as on board.

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1. Um, I mean.

What if the concert had been Taylor Swift?

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I mean, we want to believe, right?

Are you one of those rare people who has a story to back up the myth? Tell it to us in the comments!