11 People Who Are Dating Multiple Partners Dish On What It’s Like

There are people who like dating around. There’s freedom in it, it’s fun, and if you’re not looking to settle down and everyone is cool with it, why not?

If you’re wondering whether or not that lifestyle is for you, these 11 people are giving you a little peek behind the curtain.

11. Seems like more than guy troubles.

I hope they can get some help.

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10. She could afford to drop one.

I guess the joke is on him. Maybe?

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9. Is there a problem in there somewhere?

I think I got confused.

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8. Do they all know their role?

Or they all think they’re doing a bangup job on their own?

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7. One big happy family.

Maybe it could be, anyway.

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6. She’s killing it.

Woman doesn’t need no man.

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5. He probably does.

It could be that he just doesn’t care.

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4. Hmm. That’s interesting.

For research purposes, I mean.

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3. That seems likely.

Time to figure something out.

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2. The grass is always greener.

That’s true in so many situations.

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1. Time to come clean?

Or maybe just time to get creative.

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I don’t know, y’all. One partner is enough work for me.

If you’ve been in a position to answer this question, tell us in the comments what it was like for you!