11 Real-LIfe Easter Eggs That Will Make You Look Twice

Image Credit: Reddit

People love looking for Easter eggs in movies and television, and even in the books we read – little nods to a world outside of the world we’re immersed in, things that make us feel special, or closer to the creator, or maybe both.

Did you know they exist in real life too, though – like, in the merchandising, but also in the everyday world that we look at, but might not truly see, every single day.

Here are 11 things you might have seen, but still missed, floating around out there in the world.

11. Sometimes you have to make a statement.

And hope the people who love your brand will cheer.

Patagonia knows whats up
byu/tydalt inIRLEasterEggs

10. In Futurama world, it’s 30th Century Fox.

I never looked that hard at the boxes!

[deleted by user]
by inIRLEasterEggs

9. When you’re staring down in defeat and reflection…

And are rewarded for your despondency.

4 in one
byu/Pine_Apple_Boat inIRLEasterEggs

8. I could not love this more if I tried.

Someone is boss with the metal work.

The new subway cars in Stockholm have some interesting ventilation covers
byu/toothie23 ineurope

7. Human beings have changed very little.

Bless thier hearts.

Found on a pathway in Pompeii
byu/Paedino inIRLEasterEggs

6. How many people out there would get this?

And yet, someone put it there anyway.

The footrest in this Jeep says “Sand Snow Rivers Rocks” in morse code.
byu/lsbsqvd inmildlyinteresting

5. Why not have a little fun?

The princess is in another castle.

Just discovered our test shipping labels at work have a little Mario hidden in them.
byu/retrodewott inIRLEasterEggs

4. Some people are just so clever.

And have time on their hands to amuse the rest of us.

Walking past a local garden in my neighborhood, I noticed they labeled the power line along with all the other plants
byu/hardminute inmildlyinteresting

3. Excellent design and marketing.

Everyone loves to find a chocolate Easter egg, especially.

Cadburys snuck their trademark ‘C’ in the middle of their Roses’ rose
byu/JayOhEe91 inIRLEasterEggs

2. You just have to wait for it.

You won’t be sorry you idled away the hours.

[deleted by user]
by inIRLEasterEggs

1. It’s the wrong color.

But still, A+ effort and entertainment.

This pole I found
byu/akumamustdie inIRLEasterEggs

I think I would have missed all of these had they not been point out!

Have you seen something like this out in the wild? If so, share the details with us in the comments.