11 Reasons ‘Tangled’ Is Much Better Than ‘Frozen’

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Y’all, seriously – read this entire post before you @ me on this, and anyway, is there anything really at all to love about the original Frozen besides “Let it Go?”

Hint: No, there is not.

There is a TON to love about Tangled, though, and below are some of the reasons it should be getting way, way more love than it does – and it should definitely be getting more love than the princesses from Arendelle.

11. Tangled is actually funny.

Olaf was Frozen’s only comedic relief, and his humor was childish and, at times, forced.

The humor in Tangled is organic and legitimately funny, even if you’re not eight.

10. The animation of Rapunzel’s hair is unmatched.

Long hair is really hard to animate, which is one reason so many characters sport braids and other styles that keep their hair out of the way.

They couldn’t do that with Rapunzel, and the resulting mane was incredible.

9. It’s deliciously dark.

Original fairy tales were dark and foreboding tales meant to keep children in line, and I love the authenticity of that seeping into Disney versions.

This story – one of kidnapping and betrayal and death and sacrifice – has genuine darkness and drama before its happy ending.

8. Mandy Moore is a gift.

She’s exceptional in every role sh tackles, and her unique voice was the perfect compliment to Rapunzel.

7. Tangled gives us the complex villain we all deserve.

Everyone just hates Hans in Frozen (because he’s awful), but with Mother Gothel, things were more complicated – as they should be when one realizes the woman who raised them had been lying to them their entire life.

6. Flynn Rider is the best Disney prince, period.

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Flynn is the hottest, the funniest, the most devil-may-care prince in the universe, and his narcissistic overconfidence played the perfect opposite of Rapunzel’s wide-eyed naivete.

Charisma galore.

5. Frozen has plot holes.

Frozen’s plot and characters don’t make a whole lot of sense most of the time, like the detours Anna takes to actually get to the goal of bringing Elsa home. And then the reveal of Hans’ betrayal… it’s all a bit hard to follow (and believe).


4. Two words: Alan Menken.

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He’s scored all of your favorite Disney films – Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Pocohontas – and he’s back for Tangled,  which has some of the best and under-appreciated songs in recent years.

3. Kristoff doesn’t have Flynn’s backstory.

Think about it: you know almost nothing about Kristoff, his parents, or his background.

His being raised by the same (totally random) trolls who saved Anna all feels a bit convenient, no?

2. The animal sidekicks.

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Maximum was the best Disney animal sidekick of all time, full stop. Extra bonus: the fact that he was working against Flynn for part of the movie.

1. Rapunzel’s parents are alive!

The majority of characters in the Disney universe have dead parents, which is sort of lazy writing when it just happens over and over again. It was a refreshing surprise that Rapunzel’s parents were not only alive, but had been looking for her all of those years.

I mean, how can you argue with any of this?

If you still want to argue that Frozen is the superior film, please do so in the comments. I’m all ears.