11 School Lunch Photos From Around The World

There’s been a lot of controversy in the States about school lunches these past several years. They’re not healthy, they’re too healthy, kids can’t afford them, you name it, we’ve complained about it.

If you’re wondering what school lunches look like in other places around the world, here you go – here are 11 interesting examples.

11. OK, but it’s France.

Their whole thing is food!

School lunch from my country. Where am I? What do kids eat where you are? from pics

10. This looks better than anything I ate in the UK.

I must have been checking out the wrong restaurants.

My school lunch. It was very nice. from pics

9. I wish someone would make this for me every day.

Seriously. I would eat it every day.

Here’s my awesome Korean school lunch! Schools have a qualified nutritionist to plan the lunch menu. from pics

8. These look like they were served at a restaurant.

Not a 5-star place or anything, but I’d eat there.

School cafeteria lunches in Finland from pics

7. The Germans love their sauce.

That part of my DNA came through strong.

Today was veggie Burger and sweet potato fries for lunch in the school cafeteria from pics

6. I’m not sure what some of this is.

There’s certainly plenty of it, though.

My school lunch in Beijing, China from pics

5. They get seafood?!

I can barely afford that for myself.

Lunch at a Korean Elementary School from pics

4. This looks awful.

We found somewhere with worse food than the US!

Food in one of the Moscow schools from shittyfoodporn

3. Those Austin hipsters sure can cook.

That cucumber and tomato salad is making my mouth water.

Breakfast public charter school, Austin Texas from Schoollunch

2. It’s a whole holiday dinner!

Honestly, that looks pretty yummy.

School christmas lunch (free) from teenagers

1. Everything came out of the freezer or a can.

With the possible exception of the salad, though it surely came out of a bag.

School lunch in America since we’re posting school lunches. from pics

I would for sure eat some of these. They look better than the lunches I make myself!

Do you think America should do something about it’s school lunches? What? Let’s talk it out in the comments!