11 “the Person vs. the Personality” Memes That Reveal a Person’s True Self

Too often we’re told just “be ourself” but putting this into practice can be harder than you think. We have the version of ourselves we present to our friends or family, but we also have work personas, first date personas, and even fantasy personas we might inhabit while gaming or goofing around. (Burt Macklin anyone?) So which one is our “true” personality? And will our friends and family accept it?

Now the truth can be revealed. The Person vs. The Personality meme went viral on Twitter in May 2020 and with good reason. It consist of a two-panel image, one displaying “the person” and another displaying the often humorously different “personality.”

1. Lin-Manuel Miranda reveals his true personality…

Blathering Blatherskite! Listen to Lin-Manuel voice character Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera on the new DuckTales series.

2. All hail the Queen:

Cersei Lannister is an ambitious woman who goes after her dreams. Nothing wrong with that. (Minus the murder)

3. Know thyself:

Did anybody else just go “Awwwww!”?

4. As far as I’m concerned, doctors ARE superheroes:

Especially those who work in women’s reproductive health!

5. Self-awareness is important:

Princess Carolyn may need to do some self work, but she’s also a total badass.

6. People respect you more when you let your brilliance shine:


7. YAS Queen

“You’re gonna her me ROAR!”

8. But it’s ok to be shy:

That’s the thing about cats. You have to wait for them to come to you.

9. When we reveal who we are, we allow people to love us for who we truly are:

I already know I want to be friends with this person.

10. Or at the very least, we can make someone laugh:

Squidward deserves love too ya’ll.

11. Because if someone can’t love us for our true selves…

Do they really deserve to know us at all?

The Person vs. Personality meme is your chance to show the world who you truly are. Or just make a hilarious meme. Take your pick.

Will you reveal your true self to the world? Show us in the comments!