11 Times Cold, Hard Logic Won the Day on the Internet

Image Credit: Reddit

When it comes to the internet, logic doesn’t necessarily figure in when you’re talking about winning or losing arguments.

You can get on Twitter or Facebook or Reddit all day and have THE best arguments… but somebody will just throw some nonsense out there, put an “lol” at the end of it, and call it a day. And you will feel absolutely defeated. Because they just don’t care.

Sometimes, though, it definitely does, and on those days – like these 11 – we all have cause to celebrate.

11. I mean, he’s not wrong.

Where’s the lie?

Fortnite trash from MurderedByWords

10. Yeah you’re not the boss of us!

Don’t do this if you want to have friends.

Snob is put back in their place after gatekeeping language! from clevercomebacks

9. A very wholesome burn.

Not very Terminator like, but nice.

I love Arnold’s wholesome murders from MurderedByWords

8. Go, girl.

You gotta fist-bump her for this one.

I think she’ll be just fine. from MurderedByWords

7. Not as much about their stomachs as their wallets, methinks.

I mean. It’s just a theory.

Millennials are destroying the eating industry from MurderedByWords

6. True story.

The Ancient Romans were big on facts and figures and science, my friend.

Flat Earthers should be canceled from MurderedByWords

5. I mean…fair observation.

I’m just saying.

Fuckin’ war criminals, I tell ya from MurderedByWords

4. You sure can tell more than I thought on the internet.

Like if someone is a flavorless pancake.

Flavourless pancake got spiced up. from MurderedByWords

3. Accurate assessment.

Maybe not down to the letter, but somewhere in there.

Man elegantly destroys helicopter parent from MurderedByWords

2. Schooled on your own religion.

You’d be surprised how often this happens. Or not.

Attempting to shame someone for not “attending sunday school” from quityourbullshit

1. What’s good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.

Or something like that.

Just let people enjoy what they want to smh from MurderedByWords

I’d like to feel sorry for these people but I just don’t. I’ve lost all sense of empathy for people online.

If that makes me wrong I don’t want to be right.

Have you ever run into people like this? Let me know in the comments!