11 Times College Professors Proved They Are the Actual Best

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I’ve always thought that if my career as a writer didn’t pan out, being a college professor would be the next best thing. You get a flexible schedule, your students are all legal adults, so you don’t have to deal with parents, and you still get longer holidays.

I mean, what’s not to love — you know, aside from the ass-kissing, publish-or-perish mentality, and the politics that go hand-in-hand with higher education?

No, but seriously, these 11 college professors totally confirm my assumption that their jobs are awesome more often than not, and that the profession attracts the best sort of people.

#11. Email is hard, yo.

Thamks stubdent!

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#10. This made me lol.

I mean… whatever dude…

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#9. Even if he’s not in, he’s in…poster-style.

This is, honestly, genius.

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#8. And possibly hungover.

And possibly high. No, definitely high.

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#7. You’ve got to meet kids on their level.

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#6. Buckle up, because this ain’t high school.

It’s… kind of though.


#5. He’s just trying to connect.

And apparently, he’s doing it through trauma.

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#4. Critique’s still valid, tho.

I bet this paper smelled awesome!

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#3. It’s best not to ask too many questions.

Wherever you go, we will follow!

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#2. Yeah, no sweat broski!

“If you don’t turn it on time, I don’t have to grade it on time!”

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#1. Yo…. my name is Bob, and I’m yo teach!

Word up!

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I’m off to apply to grad school! No…. I want to get a master’s degree!

What do you think about these professors? Any of them you’d like to party with?

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