11 Teachers Who Are Totally Hip to the Memes

Via: NordyNed on Reddit

Good teachers know to really relate to kids, they need to speak their language, which means sending them memes.

Some of them are funny and others are strange. But it’s sweet to see all of them trying. Because if teachers can do anything right, it’s trying to make sure kids like them… haha, I kid.

Still, here are 11 valiant attempts by teachers using memes to connect with their students.

1. Physics humor.

That is a correct joke according to the science.

Wholesome fellowkids from FellowKids

2. Mythology humor.

It’s a myth those teachers are not funny. A myth I tell ya!

Quality content from my mythology class from FellowKids

3. Treason humor.

Makes the lesson stick. Don’t forget it kids!

My teacher rotates memes on her board every week. This is the best one so far. from FellowKids

4. Hall monitor humor.

Do you have your hall pass? No? Okay, whatever… I don’t care.

New hall passes at a high school from FellowKids

5. Shakespeare humor.

Wm. Shakespeare killed a lot of people for reasons. He’s a god damn murderer!

English teachers memes are getting better from FellowKids

6. Chem lab humor.

It’s always that guy. And yeah, I was that guy.

Found in my chem department from FellowKids

7.  Welcome back humor.

Or is it trolling? You decide!

First day of school and the teachers pull this from FellowKids

8. Biology humor.

Living proof it might definitely be funny.

My biology teachers presentation. from FellowKids


Detention for this teacher.

My schools attempt at fighting suicide from FellowKids

10. Chemistry humor.

I have to say I’m positive about this one.

Courtesy of my teacher from FellowKids

11. History humor.

Rat for the win.

My history teacher printed out memes, made them into postcards, and sent them to the class by post from FellowKids

Wow. Some of these are cringey AF, but most of them are pretty clever. I particularly liked that Mightochodria joke. That was pure class. I don’t think the students will forget them for a long time. Maybe not even until the end of the grading period.

Contest time. Which meme do you like the best? Tell us in the comments.