11 Tweets That Hold a Mirror up to the World

Comedy is great, but it’s at its best when it’s reflecting the weird, beautiful mess of the world today, don’t you think?

To strike that balance between humor and honesty is hard, and why being funny is so much harder than it seems at first – but these 11 tweets sit right in the sweet spot.

11. I honestly can’t tell.

Because Kanye, mostly.

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10. The biggest disappointment of our collective lives.

And the anticipation at the front just makes it all worse.

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9. You should have asked more questions.

Don’t accept gifts without asking about strings, don’t you know?

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8. Sometimes you just don’t have the filter.

Usually the last day you work in customer service.

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7. At least we’re happy.

I never wish to be parted from ice cream again.

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6. She still has to look at you, okay?

Show some respect.

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5. Is this…a real thing?

Coffee doesn’t deserve this.

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4. Yeah that’s not going to work.

And stop ringing the doorbell and interrupting my naps.

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3. It’s not the same.

But dogs are still awesome friends.

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2. Everyone knows about the Canadian tuxedo.

At least, I thought they did.

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1. People like this don’t deserve the bigger person.

Kick ’em where it hurts.

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These are why we flock to Twitter, right?

Which of these gave you the right sort of feels? Tell us in the ccomments!