If your brain could use a good workout, you’re in luck – because I’ve compiled some riddles that require a bit of heavy lifting to help you get your brain swole.

BUT –¬† I’m putting the answers on the next page, so you won’t cheat.

(Yes, I am your personal trainer now.)

#11. What Does the Coaster Say?

Word puzzles! My fav.

This one was pretty easy for me.

You figure it out yet?

#11. The answer is:

The mountain thing is technically a rock. A croissant is a type of roll. There’s also an “M,” a female sheep, and an apparently ill person who seems oddly content with being sick…

Rock + Roll + M + Ewe + Sick=

Photo credit: Wikimedia CC

Rock and Roll Music!

Don’t feel too bad if you didn’t get it… cuz that’s a pretty poor image choice for “roll,” and that rock is bullshit.

That was just your warm-up lap. On to the next!

#10. Is a married person looking at an unmarried person?

Photo Credit: imgur

Ok, so… they conveniently left people’s hands out of this picture to prevent me from looking for a wedding ring. But you can’t get rid of us that easily, Mr. or Mrs. Riddle-Picture-Maker Person! This one is easy, anyway. And the answer is…

#10. The answer is:

A. Yes. There is a married person looking at an unmarried person.

But, wait! We don’t know if Sarah is married or not!!

Photo Credit: imgur

True. But it doesn’t matter. If she is married, then she’s looking at Paul, who is not married.

If she isn’t married, then John is looking at her, an unmarried person. Either way, there is a¬†married person looking at an unmarried person.


Ok, so, if you didn’t run away (like I did), try to do this math in your head:

Not too bad, right? Did you end up with 5,000?


#9. The answer is:


I got 5,000 the first time, too. Because me and math.

Alas, 1,000+40+1,000+30+1,000+20+1,000+10 = 4,100.

And 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000   plus   40 + 30 + 20 + 10 = 4,100.

And 4,000 + 100 = 4,100.

Every time. But, if you did what I did, then you took that extra hundred at the end and changed it to a thousand.

#8. How many fish?

Photo Credit: Freebies

Well, let’s see… 10 – 2 – 4 – 3 = 1



#8. The answer is:


An answer for which I call BS.

Sure, it makes sense: There are five dead fish and five live fish, and they’re all still stuck in that tank.

But the question was vague to begin with! It doesn’t say “how many are left alive?” or “how many are left in the tank”, now, does it? No. It just says “how many are left” so you will trick yourself into thinking this is a damn math question. And that is.. SO… it’s just…

…well, technically, that passes as a decent brain workout… so… I shouldn’t really be complaining.


#7.  I mean, chess is confusing without riddles, but here you go:

Photo Credit: Realface Of Nation

See? Confusing.

(However, that thing could have just said “CHESS AMIRIGHT” and I’d be all “yes, ok, you win this time, riddle maker. You win. THIS time.” But anyway…)

#7. The answer is:

Super simple. It’s a riddle that uses the ultimate game of logic.

Two men play five games, and each wins three, which should seem mathematically impossible to you… if you assume that the men are playing each other.

But they’re not.

They’re playing other people. Or themselves, maybe. I don’t know their lives. But they (separately) each won three of the five games they played, which, I can confidently say, is more chess games than I will ever win, or play, in my entire life.

#6. ¬†When you’re an only child and you can’t relate to a riddle…

Photo Credit: buzzhearts

#6. The answer is:

But wait! Actually, you can relate, because you’re a woman.

And women are doctors, too.

And Enrique has three sisters to help him survive in this vast and scary world of sinister healthcare shenanigans. Go get ’em, Enrique.

#5. Let’s solve a murder.

Photo Credit: 9GAG

I’ll be honest: I don’t know who the damn killer is, because that is vague as hell.

#5. The answer is:

A big, fat groan.

Remember what those numbers were written on?

Photo Credit: yourmomhatesthis

6-4-9-10-11 = June, April, September, October, November.

Jason is the killer. And I’m pissed I didn’t think of that to begin with. Because Jason is ALWAYS the killer.


#4. The answer is:

There are three possible answers.

I mean, I guess they were trying to get us to split 66 in half? Which obviously makes no sense,¬†because a father and a son can’t ever be the same age, unless they’re both Michael J. Fox.

Anyway, the three answers for their possible ages are:

51 and 15

42 and 24

60 and 06

#3. Let me run this one past you…

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

You passed up the 2nd place runner!

Good for you!

Photo Credit: Be Healthy Now

Still not you.

#3. The answer is:

You’re now in 2nd place.

My first thought was, “Third. DUH. Cuz they already won 2nd place, and they stopped running so they could breathe, and that’s how far behind you were…” but that’s really just my own personal experiences getting in the way…

Doesn’t matter. Either way, I lose.

#2. Does this riddle hold water?

Photo Credit: AppAMPED

But there are holes! You can’t hold water with holes!

#2. The answer is:

You can totally figure this one out if you just let it sink in for a moment. Or, you could squeeze a hint out of me, if you ask nicely… Ok, ok, here ya go:

Who lives in the kitchen right under the sink?

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon

Or just a sponge.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The answer is a sponge.

#1. A zombie riddle?

Photo Credit: Daily Genius

#1. The answer is:

She’s a photographer.

Because way back in the days before digital photography, photos had to be developed from a negative in a darkroom, and rinsing and drying are the last things you do to a photograph after you’ve put the print through a fixing solution.

I think your brain is, like, a whole inch bigger now.

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