11 Women Open Up About Getting Their Tubes Tied

Reproduction is a deeply personal experience, and the decision to do it – or not do it – also varies from person to person (and sometimes from year to year).

Men and women can both make the decision to end their ability to have children permanently if they want to (though it’s easier for men to get it done), and these 11 women are opening up about what that choice was like for them.

11. When you know, you know.

And no one should be able to stop you from doing what you want.

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10. It can be hard to quit.

Especially if you’ve still got a lot of time left.

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9. Everyone has a last time.

You just hope it’s on your own terms.

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8. When you’re done, you’re done.

For some, it’s time to celebrate!

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7. This is a good story.

I’m so happy for her!

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6. There’s nothing like it.

It can be hard to let go.

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5. Sounds like she dodged a bullet.

What a jerk.

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4. He probably should have said something.

People aren’t mind readers!

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3. This doesn’t seem healthy.

Maybe revisit this before walking down the aisle.

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2. Babies are adorable.

They do turn into teenagers, though.

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1. It’s not their business.

Unless they want to have babies with you.

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It’s a big thing to realize you’re ready to move on from a certain phase of life.

If you’ve had your tubes tied, tell us in the comments how you knew you were ready?