12 “Accidental Renaissance” Photos That People Snapped

Sometimes when you raise your camera or your phone to snap a pic, you capture an image that looks like it’s from a different era.

And we like to refer to those snapshots as “Accidental Renaissance” photographs.

Enjoy these 12 examples that look like they could have been painted centuries ago.

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1. When in Bruges.

Captured that bird flying at the perfect moment.

In Bruges. Fairytale Town
byu/wrigleyirish inAccidentalRenaissance

2. This woman looks like she’s from a different century.

What a beautiful shot!

Woman sits by the window of a Lviv-bound train. AP
byu/fleece_white_as_snow inAccidentalRenaissance

3. This is a really gorgeous photograph.

This is an example of perfect timing.

Horse man
byu/Atretochoanabow inAccidentalRenaissance

4. Repairing the windows.

In what appears to be a very old building.

Hildegarde repairing the windows
byu/AL-Walker inAccidentalRenaissance

5. The light coming through the window makes this one perfect.

Looks like a painting from centuries ago.

The farmer’s supper
byu/Semanteme inAccidentalRenaissance

6. This guy apparently had a pretty rough night.

Sleep it off…and by the way, nice photo!

Accidental Caravaggio: my brother’s hangover, 2013
byu/lgyztw inAccidentalRenaissance

7. Perfect timing on every single aspect of this pic.

It looks like time stood still.

The Baptism. Mtskheta, Georgia. 📷 Zolotovphoto
byu/chao_chucao inAccidentalRenaissance

8. Staring at the world from the window.

The bag and the shoes are the only things that make it look modern.

At the window in versailles
byu/mylittlemy inAccidentalRenaissance

9. I wonder if he’s unhappy with his stitches…

Or maybe with what happened to him that evening…

Low quality. Blame the ambulance guy
byu/WhiteChocolate55 inAccidentalRenaissance

10. Dad had no idea how good this photo was.

But now he’s getting the recognition he deserves!

This photo dad nonchalantly posted in family chat.
byu/leavethisearth inAccidentalRenaissance

11. Capturing the golden hour.

Looks pretty nice, doesn’t it?

Golden hour in France (on film)
byu/Penguinozor inAccidentalRenaissance

12. Whoever keeps telling you this is absolutely correct!

This is a really great one.

I keep getting told that this is Renaissance-like?
by inAccidentalRenaissance

Have you ever taken any photos like this?

If so, please share them in the comments with us!

Thanks a lot!