12 Achievements That Might Encourage You To Reach For The Stars

It’s easy to get complacent in life. We like to be comfortable, we like to know what to expect every day, and honestly, I don’t think most of us think we’re capable of much more than we’ve got.

These 12 people definitely shook off that complacency, though, and made history instead.

12. James Naismith got a pretty cool honor during his life.

The “father of basketball” presented his sport’s medals at the 1936 Olympics.

11. Danny DeVito was nominated for an Emmy for his appearance on Friends.

He played a stripper.

10. Bulgaria’s Got Talent had an unusual winner in 2015.

The breakdancing contestant was confined to a wheelchair.

9. Georgia has elected a female President.

She took office in 2018.

8. Only one person has ever been nominated for an Oscar for a Star Wars film.

It was Alec Guinness for his portrayal of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

7. Jennifer Hudson proved that losing American Idol doesn’t mean you should quit.

She went and won an Oscar instead.


6. Titanic didn’t win all of the Oscars in 1998.

Men in Black beat them out in the makeup category.

5. There are 7 astronauts in space right now.

What are you up to today?

4. Everyone loves The Golden Girls.

Even the Golden Globes – they won 4.

3. You don’t have to be human to have a star on the Walk of Fame.

You can be a giant lizard-thing, too.

2. 42-year-old Roger Milla thinks retirement is for the birds.

He’s the oldest player to score a goal in the FIFA league.

1. Canadian Ian Millar has competed in 10 Olympic Games.

The first was in 1972 and the last was 2012.

These are amazing! It’s inspiring for sure.

What would you dream of being the first person to do? Dream big with us in the comments!