12 Adorable Facts About Steve Buscemi

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Let’s be honest here – if you don’t put the words adorable and Steve Buscemi together, I don’t even know what to do with you. But on the upside, there’s no way you won’t after you read this post.

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12. His Desperado character is named after him…sort of.

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He dies in the end, of course, (you knew that, right?) but Buscemi glows in the opening scenes of the revenge movie. The character’s name is never mentioned, but he’s called “Buscemi” in the credits.

11. He began his working life not as an actor, but as a NYC firefighter.

He was a member of Engine Co. 55 out of Little Italy, answering emergency calls during the day and auditioning at night. After four years, he landed a lead role in Bill Sherwood’s Parting Glances and never looked back.

10. He’s attached to his crooked smile.

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His teeth may be far from perfect, but he’s not willing to have them fixed any time soon. They’re his brand, after all, a fact he acknowledged through a role on The Simpsons when he tells a dentist trying to fix his teeth that he’ll “kill my livelihood if you do that!”

9. He and Sons of Anarchy star Mark Boone Junior worked together as a comedy duo.

Part improv, part scripted comedy, the pair acted out absurd power struggles with Buscemi going up against the physically bigger Boone. The act was, according to The New York Times, “theater in the absurdist vein.”

8. You might be pronouncing his name wrong.

Most of us say “boo-shemmy” but the actor pronounces it the way his father did, “boo-semmy.” The more you know!

7. He never auditioned for the role of George Costanza on Seinfeld.

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Everyone thinks so, even Jason Alexander, but it’s not true. He addressed the rumor on The Tonight Show, saying “I never did the audition and I don’t know how to correct it because I don’t know how the Internet works.”

6. He was once stabbed in a bar fight.

Buscemi was filming Domestic Disturbance with Vince Vaughn in Wilmington, NC when Vaughn started trading words with a guy who thought Vaughn was flirting with his wife. They went outside to settle things and Buscemi was watching from the crowd when he was confronted and attacked by a man with a pocket knife. He had to return home to NYC to recover from the stab wounds to his face, throat, and hands.

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His attacker was arrested and charged, but Buscemi only asked that he enter a substance abuse program as penance.

5. He’s aware that his characters tend to die early.

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He often reads ahead in a script now to see how long he’ll last, and said that he’s happy that his character in The Island lived almost a third of the way through the movie. Rough time!

4. He has a favorite death, though.

No, not the one from Fargo, when he gets fed through the woodchipper. Buscemi’s going with The Big Lebowski. It’s an out-of-the-blue surprise that tickles viewers with its randomness.

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He said, “[The Coen brothers] thought, ‘Well, Buscemi’s in it, so we’ve gotta kill him.”

3. He rejoined his fire company in the wake of 9/11.

Everyone was looking for ways to help in the wake of the disaster, and Buscemi found his when he geared up with his old Engine 55 guys and spent days scouring the debris for survivors. He refused to have the actions publicized and declined all requests for photos.

2. His Con Air character was written specifically for him.

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Screenwriter Scott Rosenberg, a friend who wrote the part with him in mind, was thrilled when Buscemi accepted the role. It’s stuck with fans, too, who often serenade the actor with “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.”

1. He couldn’t believe Terence Winter was really offering him the lead role in Boardwalk Empire.

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He had grown so used to playing the lovable friend and the villain that he didn’t exactly hear Winter when he called to offer him the role, so I replied with his standard response, “Terry, I know you’re looking at other actors, and I just appreciate that my name is being thrown in.”

That’s when Winter said “No, Steve, I just said we want you.”

It eventually sunk in.

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