Hilarious Pictures of 12 Animals Experiencing Things for the First Time

Blaze Press

Animal pictures. Need I say more?

I suppose I can – these adorable animals are experiencing something new, and, lucky for the Internet, someone was ready with a camera to capture every hilarious, adorable moment.

You’re welcome.

#12. He’s seeing a christmas tree for the first time! (LOL he looks stoned)

Photo Credit: Imgur


Photo Credit: Imgur

#10. This giant dog isn’t at all sure what to make of the tiny kittens.

Photo Credit: Reddit

#9. “I must put my whole face in it.”

Photo Credit: ABCNews

#8. Bahaha that face.

Photo Credit: Reddit

#7. This was pretty much my face the first time I saw a kangaroo, too.

Photo Credit: Bored Panda