12 British Troubles That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

Every culture has those stereotypical things that are easy to poke fun at, like Americans being classless, Canadians being nice, Aussies being chill, Germans not having a sense of humor…and Brits appearing to have something stuck up their arses when it comes to enjoying life.

The Twitter account @SoVeryBritish parlays these funny British stereotypes into an entire account (and a book!), and they tickle me every time.

12. They just mean “stop talking.”


11. Translates as “please shut up.”

A Brit would never SAY that, of course.

10. Too, too real.

Never want to cause alarm over something actually alarming.

9. It is a truth universally acknowledged.

Wtf, a “plaster?” Really?

8. This is fine.

I enjoy sweating in rivulets, actually.

7. Unspoken truths.

Everyone knows not to expect an answer after 4pm on a Friday.

6. I thought we all agreed on this.

Complaining is half the fun.

5. I wholly support this message.

But also lemons are great in drinks.

4. The international language of introverts.

Easy enough, if you’re one of us.

3. We know you don’t want to hear about it.

Sorry to bother.

2. Is there a more important aspect of being British?

I think now. Except perhaps buying a good jumper.

1. Didn’t want to worry you over nothing.

Again, sorry to bother.

Still giggling from across the pond!

If you’re British, make sure and add your own in the comments!