12 Cats Who Definitely Thought They Were Hiding From The Vet

Image Credit: Reddit

No one likes to go to the doctor, and when you think about it, the experience is probably doubly uncomfortable for animals. After all, they don’t know why they’re there, they aren’t prepped (and can’t consent) for treatment, and the vet is a mostly-stranger who probably frightens them.

So, it’s no wonder they put on the brakes on the way in the door, and maybe even try to make themselves invisible once in the exam room.

Sadly for them (and us, honestly) there’s no invisibility spell currently available, no matter how hard these 12 kitties were willing it to be so.

12. Stop looking over here, you’re gonna give me away!

My cat also hates the vet/loves sinks.
byu/sallylooksfat inaww

11. The classic “if I can’t see them they can’t see me.”

My cat went to the Vet today
byu/Cavalier4Beer inaww

10. I am she and she is me.

My cat’s vet office strategy: blend in with the knick-knacks
byu/boredgeorge inaww

9. I hope somebody tall works there.

My mom took my cat to the vet today…
byu/MeagaMillion inaww

8. He didn’t quite go all in.

Took apart my cat’s crate at the vet because he wouldn’t come out. Didn’t work!
byu/YoBooMaFoo inaww

7. I will not go down without a fight!

My cat came out ready to fight someone at the vet.
byu/IntrinsicGray inaww

6. Nothing to see here, just another bill to pay.

[deleted by user]
by inaww

5. I can’t get past that his name is Yam tbh.

I see the dogs and cats in the corners of the vet, and I raise our cat, Yam. He escapes through the trash hole.
byu/catsbuttscats inaww

4. Awww, Little Bob. It won’t be that bad.

Little Bob desperately hiding at the vet
byu/Misaniovent inaww

3. If only she was a calico.

My cat’s attempt at camouflage at the vet
byu/JunkyardJamboree inaww

2. Regretting all of those extra treats now, aren’t we.

My cat doesn’t like the Vet
byu/Searingm1 inaww

1. This one is pretty impressive.

The vet thought we came in without her…
byu/VoxDolorum inaww

Once again, cats prove they’re one of the main reasons for the internet.

I hope all of these little furballs got better soon!