12 Classic Tourist Blunders to Avoid on Your Visit to NYC

Image Credit: Pixabay

New York City. It never sleeps, which means you can get amazing food at any hour of the night or day. It offers culture and nature and shopping and people-watching and everything in between – so there’s a good chance you could find yourself planning a trip to see it at some point.

You definitely should, anyway.

And if you do find your feet on those busy streets, here are 12 tips to make you look less like a tourist, so you can enjoy the city more like a savvy native.

#12. Don’t stand in line for “famous” food.

Seriously, there is amazing, amazing food everywhere that you’ve never seen on Instagram. Don’t waste hours of your day!

#11. A cab is not faster than the subway.


It’s not. Also, it’s more expensive and often stinkier. Who knew?

#10. Also, it’s called the subway or the train.


Not the tube, the metro, the T, etc.

#9. No need to only visit Manhattan.


There are 5 boroughs, and cool things to see in all of them (don’t try to squeeze them all in one day, though).

#8. Make sure to wear the proper footwear.

You’re going to be walking. A lot.

#7. Times Square is…not all that.


Unless you’re seeing a show, it’s honestly to be avoided at all costs.

#6. It’s important to know the “uptown” and “downtown” code.


If you want to go north, it’s uptown. South? Downtown. The subways won’t make sense until you get it!

#5. If you want to sound like a native, always refer to the subways by number or letter, not color.


It’s a little thing but it goes a long way.

#4. Don’t assume New Yorkers are rude and won’t help you.

#3. The street is not pronounced like Houston, Texas.


It’s HOW-stun, friends.

#2. NEVER stop in the middle of the sidewalk to stare.

Or the steps up from the subway or anywhere else traffic is gliding along smoothly. If you want to stop and look around, or need to check your phone for directions, for the love of everything holy, step to the side.

#1. Brooklyn isn’t like what you’ve seen on Girls or Two Broke Girls.

Image Credit: CBS

Visit it for yourself, and shed your preconceived notions ahead of time.

Party on, my friends!