12 Photos Of ‘Hostile Architecture’ Cities Use to Keep Homeless People from Sleeping in Public


It’s no secret that homelessness is a major problem, both in the United States and around the globe. In every major city – and even in a lot of medium-sized and smaller towns – you’re bound to see the unfortunate sight of homeless people sleeping on the streets.

Some cities have chosen to help fight against homelessness, while others have chose to fight against homeless people. The weapon of choice: “hostile architecture.” If you’re not familiar with the term, it basically means using architecture to make public spaces inhospitable to sleeping or sitting, or really just existing.

Here are some examples of how cities are dealing with their homeless people.

What do you think about these methods?

11. Anti-homeless spikes.

2. That guy had a good solution.

To prevent the homeless from sleeping here from therewasanattempt

3. He has a point.

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. Seems like a bit of a contradiction.

5. Yes, it does.

Anyone else find this ironic? from HostileArchitecture

6. Wow. That is harsh.

7. Locked up at night.

Bench in Volgodonsk, Russia from HostileArchitecture

8. Artistic, but serves a purpose.

9. That just looks painful.

The worst example of anti-homeless architecture I’ve ever seen from COMPLETEANARCHY

10. Uncomfortable shelter from the storm.

Photo Credit: Imgur

11. Seems a little cruel.

You’ve got to be the worst kind of heartless twat if you can go around slashing homeless people’s tents

12. No sleeping on this ledge.

Photo Credit: Imgur

It’s always difficult to see a person struggling in this way. So, instead of judging them… try this one on for size: be kind to each other.

None of us truly know what someone else is going through and what circumstances led them to their current situation, so treat everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of how much money they have in their pocket or if they have a roof over their head.

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