12 Facts for Anyone Who Loves to Be Totally Creeped Out

There are definitely levels of creepy things, from the mundane and surprising to the absolutely horrifying truths that make you want to stay inside for the rest of your life.

This list of 12 creepy facts has a little bit of everything, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

12. Vampire lore is really interesting.

The origins of vampires as we know them.

Basically your body has gas build up when you die. I’m not medically inclined enough to explain why. Basically the gas has to escape somehow, and so it would pass through the vocal cords in the throat. This creates the low “moan” that makes the body sound as if it was in pain. The people back then had no idea what was happening and random bodies would just start “moaning” in pain.

And thus they believed that the bodies were rising from the dead. And when stabbed, the gas escaped otherwise. Thus leading to the belief that the only way to stop a vampire was to stab a dead body in the chest. This also led to a lot of strange burials, I.e the man that was buried in a stone wall to prevent him from rising from the dead.

I can’t really blame them. I’d be freaked out too if a corpse suddenly started to make sounds. Creepy for some, but I find stuff like that fascinating. There’s documentaries on YT talking about it. I highly recommend them!

11. Somebody send 1990s Val Kilmer.

A single tiger has killed over 436 people in India.

10. I guess if it’s really cold…

From Atlas Obscura by Foer, Thuras, and Morton:

Necropants (Reader’s discretion advised)

In Iceland, a long ass time ago (17th c), friends followed complex rules to obtain a dead man’s skin to turn them into pants.

You had to get permission from the dude to use his skin after he kicked the bucket. You would then wait until burial formalities concluded. You would rob the s**t out of your buddy’s grave. You would cut the waist and peel the bottom half of the body off in one perfect flay. You would then steel a coin from a poor widow, preferably your bud’s. Place the coin in the scrotum of the necropants to attract cosmic s**t, specifically more wealth in life, and leave the groin full of coins at all times.

Pass that s**t down to your kid.

Fun fact: The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft has a pair on display for all of us sickos to gawk at.

9. What if you have that all the time now though?

“Sense of impending doom” is an actual symptom that often precedes your death, usually in cases of heart attack. V

ERY creepy for some of us that suffer from anxiety and panic attacks to begin with, both share that symptom!!!

8. The pictures are endlessly eerie.

Mount Everest is covered in frozen corpses because removing them is very unsafe and time consuming. They are easily viewed from the climbing routes and some are used as trail markers.

What’s odd is that although the bodies are prominent, in some cases there is no consensus on their identity. Like over the years two different people with a similar description didn’t return from their Everest climb, and we know the body is probably one of them, but not sure which.

Or is it more creepy that some of the bodies are indeed identified, and somewhere out there is a family who knows full well that their loved one’s remains are a landmark on the world’s most famous mountain?

7. This is definitely not okay.

Since 2007, at least 20 detached human feet have been found on the coasts of the Salish Sea.

6. I had no idea this was a thing.

After getting stung by a cone snail, you don’t feel the sting for a little bit. There is no antivenin and it can be lethal. Treatment is basically keeping the victim alive until the venom wears off.

5. For what purpose, I wonder?

There’s a parasite that enters a fish’s mouth, eats the tongue and replaces itself as the fish’s new tongue

4. Well that’s…something.

human brains when they dry out smell like cat piss- that stinky ammonia smell.

worked in an ER for 17 years in CT. had a gunshot to the head come in and a chunk fell onto my shoe and didn’t notice. while driving home was like “wtf did my cat piss in the car or something???” went to take my shoes off and there is was

3. This could be comforting, in a way. If you’re with the right people.

Hearing is the last thing to go after you die. You just might hear the paramedics and firefighters call off CPR…

2. Morbid but I suppose necessary. One day.

CNN has had a pre-recorded broadcast from the 90’s which they will premiere during the end of the world

1. Some people just know.

According to Abe Lincoln’s body guard Crook, he said Lincoln had a dream about his own assassination 3 nights in a row before he was killed.

Crook told Lincoln NOT to go on that fateful night, and all Lincoln said was “Goodbye, Crook” before he went to the play.

This was VERY ODD as Lincoln always said, Goodnight NOT goodbye.

Yeah, some of those were a lot, don’t you think?

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