I bet your brain could use a good workout.

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So, here are 12 riddles for you to dig into.


Does his shirt say “I have nothing to declare except my genius”?

I think it does. And, I think that’s f’awesome.

Good luck:

#1. Is somebody cheating?

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*No, John can’t see Paul past Sarah…

You sure you’re ready for the answer?

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The answer is A. There is a married person looking at an unmarried person.

But, wait! Is Sarah married or not?!

And who’s looking at whom?!

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It doesn’t matter.

If she is married, then she’s looking at Paul.

If she isn’t married, then John is looking at her.

So we don’t know exactly how the answer is “yes,” but we definitely know it’s true.

#2. You might not coast through this one.


This one was pretty easy for me.

But, I’m also at work right now, and I’m assuming that reddit user GnarlyGillmouth wasn’t when he or she encountered this coaster.

But, I’m also assuming (hoping) that GnarlyGillmouth eventually sobered up during those two months during which he/she claims to have been “stumped” by this one.

And, you’d think that he/she would have figured it out a little sooner.

Maybe he/she left it in a coat pocket for a while and rediscovered it.

We may never know…

You figure it out yet?

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The mountain thing is a rock. The croissant is a type of roll. There’s an “M,” a female sheep, and an apparently ill person who also seems eerily content.

Rock & Roll + M + Ewe + Sick=…

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Rock and Roll Music!

To be fair to Gnarly-G, that’s a pretty poor choice for “roll,” and that rock is bullshit.

I figured out the second line first.

#3. Time for a math-snack!

Do the math in your head:

Pretty easy, right?

You got 5,000?

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It’s actually 4,100.

I got 5,000 the first time, too.

Try it on a calculator:

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Equals 4,100 every time.

But, if you did what I did, then you added that extra hundred up to a thousand.