15 People Share What ‘Common Sense’ Is Wrong


As my Dad likes to say (on repeat), “common sense isn’t very common.” Or maybe it’s just plain wrong.

In this article, AskReddit users share what “common sense” is totally wrong.

1. Thoughts?

“Sometimes, when someone is having a bad day, it’s better to just listen and agree rather than offer logical advice.”

2. A scary thought

“When I worked in spectator event safety, we learned (sport stadia) that when an evacuation is happening, the safest place to go to is the playing field. As it is usually open air and therefore low risk if it is a fire evacuation.

However common sense takes over crowd dynamics and people try leaving the way they came in (from the other side of the building), so this common sense trait results in thousands of people flocking into burning buildings.

An example of this was the Bradford City stadium fire, a huge chunk of the crowd headed back into the burning stadium looking for exits despite open air (the pitch) being metres in front of them.”

3. Just do it

“Don’t go to bed angry”

Umm… me and my husband ignoring this rule has saved our marriage. Do you know how many stupid fights are caused by being tired?”

4. Keep it moving

“The slower and more defensive you drive, the better. Couldn’t be further from the truth. You need a mix of defensive AND offensive to be truly be safe, keep traffic flowing, and to prevent bottlenecks.”

5. Don’t wait

“Do not, EVER, wait 24 hours before filing a missing persons report. If you have a reasonable suspicion that something happened to someone, call immediately!”

6. Not gonna work

“Ignore a bully and they’ll leave you alone.

No, they just see a weak target.”

7. Learning the hard way

“Common sense says sun isn’t out and it is cool outside, you don’t have to worry about sunburns.

Worst sunburn I ever got.”

8. Be gentle

“The harder you brush the cleaner your teeth get. All you’re gonna do is cause gum recession.”

9. Definitely true

“Just because you’re not fat doesn’t mean you’re in good shape.”

10. Ouch!

“Put ice on a burn” DO NOT DO THIS it can rip the skin DO put the burn under cool water immediately.”

11. Out of sight…

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder”

Psychologists actually showed that it’s the reverse, which is why LDR are very hard.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is more accurate.”

12. Not true

“That people are good eye witnesses.

We aren’t. Our perception of things sucks. We are prone to so many biases that we aren’t even aware of. If I grade papers on an empty stomach, I will grade them lower than if I am not hungry.

And I will never admit that to be true. Even though it is.”

13. I always believed this

“That birds will abandon their chicks if the chicks are handled by humans. Not they won’t, put the baby bird back!!”


“Growing up, everyone always said “this is the best time of your life, enjoy it while you can”.

They were super wrong. I hated school, hated being a student, and hated the lack of freedom. I work 50ish (it varies, 40-72 but 52 is most common) hours a week and it’s great. I have money, freedom, I do what I want.

Being a kid sucked.”

15. Really?

“You don’t need to wait 30 minutes before going swimming after eating. This was just invented by public pools to stop people bringing food into the water.”