12 Food Facts That Are Actually 100% False, And Not True

Image Credit: justataste.com

It’s pretty crazy how many things that people believe just because they’ve “always heard it” turn out to be patently false – and even weirder how hard it is to convince the public to remember they’re false, even years after the myths have been debunked (see also: the haunting of the house in Amityville).

So, don’t be shocked if you’ve truly always thought these 12 things were true – even though they’re not.

#12. Which is correct? Oscar Meyer or Oscar Mayer?


Image Credit: Oscar Mayer

The second one is accurate.

#11. Eating oranges isn’t going to keep you from getting a cold.

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You’d have to consume like 2-3x the daily recommendation for Vitamin C to ward off a virus.

#10. The milk in cereal commercials isn’t “milk” at all.

Image Credit: Justataste.com

The cereal is glued to styrofoam to keep it from sinking and then white glue is added to the top to make it appear more milk-like. Yum.

#9. Strawberries aren’t technically berries.

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But bananas are.

#8. It’s not Fruit Loops…


Image Credit: Kelloggs

It’s Froot Loops. Mind. Blown.

#7. The numbers on your toaster dial don’t represent minutes.

In fact, someone actually tested this out a few years ago. They grabbed four differently-priced toasters and set all of their dials to "two." One toaster popped the bread up in 57 seconds, another at 63 seconds, and another at 74 seconds. The final and most expensive toaster did pop the bread up around the two-minute mark, but those four different results proved that the dials aren't timed.—sickofstalkers302016

Image Credit: YouTube

Someone debunked this a few years ago by setting the dials on 4 different toasters to “two” and finding that none of them popped up at the same time.

#6. Carrots used to be purple.

Image Credit: Instagram

They turned orange after a farmer began cultivating an orange mutation.

#5. Not all female cows make milk.

Image Credit: Pixabay

They only begin producing milk after they give birth.

#4. Peanuts aren’t nuts at all.

Image Credit: Pixabay

They’re legumes. Fun fact: this is also why people allergic to peanuts can be allergic to peas or soybeans.

#3. Almonds aren’t nuts, either.

Image Credit: Pixabay

They’re a member of the peach family.

#2. The Hawaiians aren’t responsible for Hawaiian pizza.

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Lay the blame on Canada, where it belongs.

#1. Froot Loops are all the same flavor.

Image Credit: Pixabay

The colors mean nothing. Your life is a lie.

The more you know!