12 Photos Of Foods That You Never See Peeled

Photo Credit: Twitter

You know the expression, “You can’t un-see that?” Well, it definitely applies to the insides of these 12 delectables that we all would have been better off never seeing in the first place.

Which is why I’m going to share them with you – misery loves company, and all!

#12. This clean-shaven lychee will give you nightmares.

Photo Credit: Reddit

It looks like papier-mâché?

#11. Why would you peel a strawberry?

Photo Credit: Twitter

They’re mushy enough as it is.

#10. An aloe vera leaf.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Just let it soothe you and don’t think too hard about this…solid tube of clear jelly.

#9. I had no idea lemons had slices.

Photo Credit: Reddit

They’re basically sour oranges.

#8. Same with limes.

Photo Credit: Reddit


#7. Blueberries have a dirty secret.

Photo Credit: Reddit

They’re not even blue, y’all.

#6. Don’t peel your pomegranates.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Unless you want nightmares.

#5. A peeled tomato is…

Photo Credit: Twitter

Less than appetizing?

#4. This cherry has a juicy membrane.

Photo Credit: Reddit

It looks like it’s about to hatch.

#3. This coconut looks like a brain.

Photo Credit: Reddit

A mummified zombie brain.

#2. An under-ripe avocado.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Always a disappointment.

#1. I may never eat an egg again.

Photo Credit: Reddit

The white part. *gag*