12 Funny Jokes You’re Not Going To Want To Miss

There’s a good chance you clicked on this link because you need a laugh, and don’t worry – we’re not going to disappoint you.

Or rather, these 12 Twitter users aren’t going to disappoint you, because there the ones coming with these hilarious posts that run the gamut – but not a one of them misses the funny buttons along the way.

12. This made me legit chuckle.

People are so clever.


11. It works for so many scenarios.

Which is just confusing, tbh.

10. Everyone has these words.

This one is a toughie, though, no question.


9. There are always worries.

That phrase is never accurate for me.


8. We’re hardest on ourselves.

Be nice!

7. I’d love to meet her.

The way their minds work slays me in the best possible way.

Image Credit: Twitter

6. It’s never a bad look, tbh.

Just picturing Jude Law for a sec…


5. Bless her heart.

What else can you really say here?


4. Reality is a b*%ch sometimes.

You gotta tell her where to go.

3. Three’s a crowd.

Or at least an awkward party.

2. Think about it for a sec.

Then you’ll laugh, I swear.

1. How have we not come up with something better?

This is an excellent point.

I’m giggling still, which is a good sign.

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