12 Funny Posts That Brightened Our Week

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If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that laughing at the same stuff brings us together. And when the things we’re laughing at are on the internet, we can all laugh together from the safety and security and comfort of our own homes.

We never would have guessed how important that fact might become, but here we are – and here are 12 posts ready and willing to turn your day around!

12. I mean. Huh.

When will we be living on the moon, then?

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11. It really does happen that fast.

Get ye pitchforks and lose some teeth, friends.

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10. No one is going to see you for awhile yet.

But maybe slow your roll just a little.

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9. Nothing is all that different, really.

Except for the never leaving the house.

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8. She’s from the Midwest, I bet.

Because I am, too, and this sounds delicious.

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7. It’s fun being able to connect with the past!

Now, where’s my sailor?

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6. Because we all need a little cuteness in our lives.

I’m dead, you guys.

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5. You’re like a modern-day Robin Hood.

I’m guessing that’s not exactly legal, though.

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4. You never jinx yourself like that!

It’s Parenting 101.

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3. Why does this become so much harder as you age?

Once you’re awake, you’re awake.

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2. I’m not sure your wife has agreed to this.

I know I haven’t. Also, my bed isn’t made.

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1. You have to adjust your expectations.

A win is a win, right?

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I’m feeling better after those smiles, how about you?

What’s your go-to way to unearth some laughs on tough days?

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