12 Funny ‘Star Wars’ Memes for the Fanatics out There


May the 4th be with you… but you can enjoy these memes on ANY day of the year.

Because, as you know, fans of this franchise are incredibly passionate and they live the Star Wars life all year round.

Okay, fanboys and fangirls, these memes are for you!


1. This character had a really filthy mouth.

In case you don’t remember…

Photo Credit: someecards

2. That’s really all you need in life.

Am I right, or am I right?

Photo Credit: someecards

3. Livin’ that Jedi life.

Vicariously, at least…

Photo Credit: someecards

4. A Wookie of many words.

It’s like poetry in motion, don’t you think?

Photo Credit: someecards

5. The last thing Luke wanted to hear.

And then he got his hand cut off.

Photo Credit: someecards

6. He’s out pounding brewskies.

When he should be helping them out.

Photo Credit: someecards

7. Not exactly the same, is it?

This will be his first AND last date with this person.

Photo Credit: someecards

8. No two ways about it.

Which side are you on?

Photo Credit: someecards

9. Send this to someone special, okay?

Make sure you know them first, though.

Photo Credit: someecards

10. Ouch. Sick burn.

Not a big fan, I guess.

Photo Credit: someecards

11. Here’s the ultimate princess.

How many did you complete this year?

Photo Credit: someecards

12. One more of this little fella.

May the 4th be with you EVERY DAY!

You know you love it!

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