12 Funny Tweets We Think You’re Going To Love

We know that there are many choices when it comes to places that curate your tweets, and listen – there is honestly a lot of good content out there on Twitter, and it takes time to go through it all.

That’s why we’re here, though, and we like to think we’re pretty good at finding the best of the best – which is why we’ve picked these 12 tweets for this list.

12. The accuracy, though.

It’s a little bit painful if we’re being honest.

11. There’s always one.

Somebody has to be the least favorite.

10. This might be taking things a bit too far.

After all, most of those other people all started somewhere, too.


9. I mean…they’re not wrong.

Somehow we’re still laughing about it though?

8. How flattering really.

I love when people mistake me for a local, especially in New York.

7. It’s important to know yourself.

Don’t give yourself too much credit, you know?

6. That will work almost every time.

And if it doesn’t, you should probably run the other direction.


5. You nailed it.

Just so close to hitting the point and then it just sailed on by.

4. It’s a real thing, ok?

You don’t want me there barfing all over everything, do you?

3. And it never stops.

You don’t know when your last back-pain-free day was.

2. Is whatever it is even worth it without James Cordon?

I mean, a certain subset of people say definitely not.

1. Isn’t that just a shame.

I, for one, am just crying big ol’ tears over it.

Are y’all loving these as much as we are?

Drop your thoughts in the comments and especially let us know whether or not you thought any of these were funny enough to forward to a friend!