12 Helpful Tips for Working From Home Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Image Credit: Pixabay

At the time I’m writing this article, the United States is not on an official lockdown on quarantine, but many people – and businesses – are taking the recommendation to socially distance themselves seriously.

That means we’re at home, probably with our kids and maybe our spouse, trying to get work done amidst the chaos. And as someone who fights this battle every single day already, I’m here to tell you…it ain’t easy.

If you’re finding yourself facing this battle for the foreseeable future, here are some tips for being productive even without someone there watching.

Also, some tips for being able to separate your home and work lives, because take it from me, it can be far too easy to let everything blend together. Which means you’re basically always working, or think you should be working, and that doesn’t do anything good for your stress levels.

Here are 12 really amazing tips!

12. It’s so, so hard for friends and family to get.

11. That “end time” is tough but necessary.

10. Hopefully they’re old enough to listen to rules.

9. As hard as it is to ignore the laundry…

8. This will make everything easier.

7. Act like you’re clocking in and out.

6. Be patient; it takes time.

5. Especially the news on the television.

4. Only a year?

3. I love the timer idea.

2. I am going to try this one, for sure.

1. This is something we need to do more of even with our day jobs.

I’m going to incorporate some of these myself, though the kid thing is hard to navigate at the moment.

Do you have anything to add? Are you struggling with everyone at home?

Let’s talk it out in the comments!