12 Hilarious Memes About Those Government Stimulus Checks We’re Supposed to Get…At Some Point


You’re going to spend that stimulus check wisely, right?

Suuuuuuure, you are….

If it ever shows up, I mean…

We’re not trying to make light of this awful situation we’re all in, we just want to make you laugh and take your mind off of everything for a few minutes.

Hang in there, friends! And have a laugh!

1. Boom! It’s party time!

Do you feel like a gangsta?

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2. You had no choice.

We won’t judge you…

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3. Will this be good enough for you?

Take it and shut up.

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4. That was fast.

I need just a little more…

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5. Hand it over.

I’m waiting, America…

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6. That is a good point.

It would look like 28 Days Later.

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7. I got mine!

He spent it in under 10 minutes.

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8. Where’s that stimulation?!?!

Getting tired of this waiting game.

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9. It just might work…

How would you like to be quarantined with him?

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10. All day, every day…

Sorry to disappoint you again…

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11. Isn’t that funny?

They know what they’re doing.


12. You are now FABULOUS!

Treat yourself. At least a little bit.


So how are you gonna spend your stimulus check?

Pay off some bills? Straight into your savings?

Talk to us in the comments, please!