12 Hilarious Posts to Put a Big Smile on Your Face

I’m gonna go on the record here…I need a good laugh.

No, scratch that…I need A BUNCH of good laughs!

Yeah, that’s more like it!

And I think you’re probably a lot like me if you want to have a major stress-reliever during these crazy times that are incredibly worrisome.

So what do you say? Do you want to have a few laughs?

1. Let’s talk about it!

A fascinating topic.

2. Getting old really sucks…

“Adulting” is no fun…in case you didn’t know…

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3. No change there.

I support you on this one! All the way!

4. I’m outside…does this count?

I guess you’re getting some exercise, technically…

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5. That would really give you a jolt!

Give me something to live for!

6. Every. Single. Day.

I think some of you out there feel the same way?

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7. This is getting uncomfortable…

But keep that cheese coming!

8. You’re ALREADY crying?

This is not a good sign.

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9. I’m glad we met this way!

Are you free next week for a chat?

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10. Is anyone else like this?

Go ahead and throw me into that category.

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11. Back to sleep for you.

It’s a lifestyle, okay?

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12. Gotta look good for that mirror!

That’s the least you can do.

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Have you seen anything that really made you laugh on social media lately?

If so, please share it with us in the comments!

Let’s keep the laughs coming!