12 Hilarious Spelling Mistakes That Could Make Your Head Hurt

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Spelling isn’t easy, and being able to do it well (or not) isn’t a sign of how smart a person is (though it could be an indication of how well they studied for those tests in school, or in my case, how many books they devoured as children).

That said, it can still be pretty darn funny when you realize someone has zero idea how to spell a word or phrase they’ve obviously only heard – and these 12 mistakes are downright hilarious.

12. Some people just cannot resist.

11. I’m not sure how that would work…

Notre Dame is in golfed
byu/mcgoogus inBoneAppleTea

10. Smartass friends are the best friends.

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9. A real meeting of the minds.

They are cinnamons!
byu/cloudish94 inBoneAppleTea

8. How dare you talk about your eggs like that?!

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7. We just call them Eggos.

the leggo my eggo things
byu/Shxcking inBoneAppleTea

6. That WOULD be a weird thing to smoke.

5. Where is their tent?

Shrimps camping
byu/jenn_chem inBoneAppleTea

4. The first attempt was the best attempt.

[legit] tinnitus
byu/W1TH1N inBoneAppleTea

3. No, tattoos do not cause diabetes.

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2. The gift that keeps on giving.

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1. You can be a pedestrian right now!

I would have peed myself if any of these had been sent my way!

What’s the funniest spelling mistake you’ve ever encountered (or made yourself).