12 Hilariously Honest Reviews of Famous Books That Hit the Nail on the Head

Just because books are famous “must-reads,” considered classics or some other distinction that I haven’t yet thought of… doesn’t mean they should be a) taught in schools b) are any good or c) easy reads. It’s as likely, to be honest, that they’ll end up being a slog, not fun, boring AF and generally not worth your time.

Yeah, I said it. Classics are boring AS F**K. Books can be considered classics for all kinds of reasons, and as far as I can tell, “readability” typically isn’t one of them.

These 12 people, at least, seem to agree.

12. Chekov: The Complete Short Novels

Sure, dunk on a dead guy.

Goodreader annihilates Chekhov
byu/DHLawrence_sGhost inBadReads

11. Wuthering Heights

There are lots of dead angry people.

People die when they are angry
byu/Umpato inBadReads

10. The Trial

It’s hard to argue with that.

I feel like this is an allegory for something
byu/Dead_Kennedys78 inBadReads

9. Of Mice and Men

We’ve got this depression things, down.

I’ll just think, not read.
byu/ewsheslikeemo inBadReads

8. Poetics

I mean. Yeah. But still.

Aristotle is pretentious
byu/Arcticsteve inBadReads

7. Sex at Dawn

A question for the ages, really.

byu/DHLawrence_sGhost inBadReads

6. Adolphe

This is all true. Don’t @ me.

Men are whiny babies
byu/DHLawrence_sGhost inBadReads

5. All the Pretty Horses

When you find a sentence that just does you in.

All the Pretty Horses: Goodreaders have a lot of beef with McCarthy’s punctuation
by inBadReads

4. Ulysses

Gone by an act of God.

Ulysses: gone the way of Matcham’s Masterstroke
byu/scoronam inBadReads

3. The Tempest

And this is the best Shakespeare.

The Tempest: If your English teacher assigns you this KILL. THEM!
by inBadReads

2. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

That’s one theory, I suppose.

scientific hypothesises
byu/jessdrew98 inBadReads

1. The Island of Dr. Moreau

Quick and succinct.

“More like Dr. BORE-O”
by inBadReads

It’s kind of hard to argue with these, don’t you think? And if you want to argue, please do on that on Facebook. We don’t need that here.

Alright… give us your own honest review of a famous book in the comments – we want to hear it!