12 Interesting Facts for You to Enjoy

Today is a BIG day because we’re going to fill your noggin with some really interesting facts that we think you’re going to enjoy immensely.

So, without further ado, dive into these facts and prepare to learn something new!

1. Robert Todd Lincoln.

Amazingly, the son of Abraham Lincoln was in close proximity to three presidential assassinations.

He was at the White House less than a mile away from Ford’s Theater when his father was shot in 1865. Then he witnessed President Garfield’s assassination at a train station in 1881 in Washington, D.C. And Lincoln was at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York in 1901 when President William McKinley was shot.

Photo Credit: Public Domain

2. Ketchup was sold as…

Dr. John Cook Bennett thought ketchup could help cure indigestion and diarrhea and he sold the condiment as medicine in the 1830s and even had it concentrated into pill form.

Photo Credit: Unsplash,Erik Mclean

3. Founded by a woman.

The only U.S. city founded by a woman was Miami, Florida.

Julia Tuttle (1849-1898) bought land in south Florida in 1886 and she persuaded railroad magnate Henry Flagler to extend his rail lines to her property. Her land eventually became the city of Miami.

Photo Credit: Public Domain

4. How they do it in Japan.

If you have too much to drink in Japan or you cause a disturbance, police officers there will wrap you in a futon and calmly walk you to the police station.

Cops in Japan rarely use firearms or resort to v**lence to diffuse situations.

Photo Credit: Unsplash,Motoki Tonn

5. Good to know!

If you happen to find yourself at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and you’re feeling anxious, you might be lucky enough to meet Denver and Ruby, two horses from a nearby farm that are brought to the airport twice a month to help nervous flyers relax.

6. Fore!

On February 6, 1971, astronaut Alan Shepard played golf on the moon.

He hit two shots during a live broadcast from the moon. Look out below!

7. Banned!

Coca Cola is sold in every country on Earth…except for Cuba and North Korea.

Coca Cola was actually bottled in Cuba from 1906 until 1962 but the company pulled its business out of the country when a trade embargo was put in place in shortly after Fidel Castro took over.

And North Koreans haven’t been able to buy the sweet cola in their country since the Korean War started in 1950.

8. Long tongues.

Woodpeckers wrap their own tongues around their brains when they peck trees and other objects to protect them.

A woodpecker’s tongue can be up to a third of the length of its body.

Photo Credit: Unsplash,Bob Brewer

9. Huh?

Lady Gaga spent $50,000 on Electro Magnetic Field meters to detect ghosts.

A person close to the star said, “She believes in paranormal activity and won’t take any risks when she is on the road. It’s important to her to be safe from spirits.”

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10. Beware of vending machines.

Believe it or not, vending machines k**l more people than sharks every single year.

And we’re talking about them getting rocked or falling over and crushing people, by the way.

Research shows that between 1978 and 1995, an average of 2.18 people d**d per year from vending machines falling on them. In comparison, from 2010 to 2019, there were only 0.6 d**ths per year from sharks.

Be careful around those vending machines, friends!

11. A great story.

Sylvester Stallone was so broke before he became a household name that he had to sell his beloved dog, Butkus, for $40.

After Stallone sold the screenplay for Rocky, he bought Butkus back for a whopping $15,000 and his pooch got a role in the iconic movie.

Photo Credit: United Artists

12. Who knew?!?!

Did you know that Sonic the Hedgehog has a full name?

It’s true!

And that name is…

Ogilvie Maurice the Hedgehog!

Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Photo Credit: Sega

Do you know any cool facts you’d like to share with us?

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